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Our Mission

The GOB Network seeks to democratize coaching, mentoring, and deal-making in the commercial real estate space to eliminate all obstacles prohibiting you from becoming a successful real estate investor.

Whether you are a new, experienced, passive, or active investor, our goal is to provide you with a turnkey space with equal access to all of the resources our network has to offer so that you can close more deals and improve your returns.

Stop Paying Guru's

Use your money wisely. Keep your $20,000 and put it in your first deal! Don't give your hard-earned money to the next Guru so they can fund their deals.

Seek Guidance

Connect and ask any questions to get answers from more experienced operators regarding deal underwriting, market analysis, capital raising, and more.

Leverage The Network

Leverage the Strength, Reach, and Experience of The GOB Network

Grow Your Network

Get instant access to our growing community where partnerships are forged every day. Connect with deal sponsors, balance sheet guarantors, property managers, limited partners, lenders, and more...


Access the education you need to enable you to remain competitive. In the GOB Network, we have enough depth and breadth of experience to have a seminar with a live Q&A daily.

The Power of the GOB Network

The GOB Network's 3 NOs

  • NO Membership Fees
  • NO Hidden Sales Pitches
  • NO Secrets


Davide Formica

An Invaluable Community

The GOB Network is truly an invaluable community where everyone is ready to help and bring value to one another. I have met and collaborated with a ton of like-minded people on many levels from the day I joined, from sourcing deals, underwriting, marketing, capital raising, and more.

Davide Formica

James Varisco

A Platform for Investors

I first met Jim Biggs on a Zoom call in November of 2020, and after hearing him introduce himself, my partner and I decided to schedule a one on one call with him. That turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Jim introduced us to a platform he recently created called the GOB Network Of Apartment Investors. The platform was in its early stages at the time, with about 35 members. The tools, resources, and community that is the GOB, has helped scale our business exponentially. Today, with close to 300 members comprised of Real Estate professionals from all different categories, contributing their knowledge and expertise, the GOB is quickly becoming a platform for investors, both new and experienced, to network, collaborate, and grow their businesses. Thanks, Jim for accepting us into the GOB.​

James Varisco


A Wealth of Knowledge Here

I’m truly grateful to be a part of an amazing platform such as GOB. I’ve connected with the founder Jim Biggs early on in the year, he shared the vision with me and everything made sense and I see the value that such a platform brings to various individuals especially for those who are looking to get their first deal done. This is truly a One-Stop shop and everyone in the platform are true go-givers. They seek ways to add value and collaborate to get the same thing done which is acquire multifamily and gain Financial Freedom. I HIGHLY recommend this platform to anyone who is looking to tap into the multifamily space as there is a wealth of knowledge here that you probably will have to pay arm and a leg for elsewhere.

Marc Cesar

Darryl Murphy Sr

The Education, Networking, and Support are Unmeasurable.

I’ve been with the GOB from the beginning of this organization. The education, networking, and support are unmeasurable. The education comes in all levels from underwriting to learning the data of the market. The networking is investors of all levels; from the new investor to the seasoned investor. And, the support comes at you from all the of GOB members. I can not speak enough of the GOB. The support I receive, the networking I have attended, and the education is priceless. I am a GOB affiliate and proud to be a member.

Darryl Murphy Sr.

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